The copypartialdictionary statement builds a new dictionary and initializes it with values from an existing dictionary (see Data Dictionaries).


This statement has three parameters:

sourcedictionary – name of the field or variable that contains the original dictionary (must contain binary data).

targetdictionary – name of the field or variable that will contain the new dictionary.

key – is the name of the key to copy. If you need to copy more than one key/value pair, more than one key parameter can be used.


The copypartialdictionary statement takes one or more key names and copies the associated key/value pairs from the original dictionary into a new one. For example, suppose you created a dictionary and stored it in a variable named contact.

fileglobal contact,mailto
    "Address","3987 Olive","City","Tustin","State","CA","Zip","92841",

Later, you could use the copypartialdictionary statement to create a second dictionary, callled mailto, that contains just the address information (without the phone number, e-mail, or any other entries that may have been added to the original dictionary):

copypartialdictionary contact,mailto,"Address","City","State","Zip"

Note: For better peformance, use the copypartialdictionary( function instead of this statement.

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but uses new internal dictionary format