The windowname statement changes the name of the current window.


This statement has one parameter:

name – is the text that will be used as the new name for the window.


Panorama windows have a name that appears in the middle of the title bar. Usually the window name is a combination of the database name and the current form (or other view) name, for example Invoice:Report. The windowname statement allows you to change the name of the window to anything you want. However, the change is temporary. As soon as the view is changed (for example with the goform statement, the window name will revert to the usual database/view combination (until you use the windowname statement again).

The example below is from a database called Finances. Normally the window name for this form would be Finances:Summary. However, in this case the window name will be something like 1997.

local year
year=datepattern( today(),"yyyy")
gettext "What Year",year
openform "Summary"
select datepattern(Date,"yyyy")=year
windowname year

It is possible to permanently customize the window title associated with a form. See Customizing a Form Window Title in Newly Opened Database Window Arrangement to learn how to set up a formWINDOWTITLE: form event procedure to accomplish this.

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