The windowtoback statement sends a Panorama window to the back, behind all other windows (including non-Panorama windows).


This statement has one parameter:

window – is the exact name of the window that is to be sent to the back. This must be a window that is currently open. If necessary, the procedure can find out the name of the current window with the info(“windowname”) function. It can get a list of all open windows with the info(“windows”) or listwindows( function.


This statement will send a window to the back, below all other windows (including non-Panorama windows). The window must already be open (unless it is a secret window) and its name must be spelled correctly with all punctuation. If the window is not already open, an error will be generated, which can be trapped by if error (otherwise the procedure will stop).

This example prints using the Label form. When it is finished, it sends the Label form window behind all other windows.

window "Clients:Label"
if error
    openform "Label"
print dialog
windowtoback "Clients:Label"

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10.0No ChangeCarried over from Panorama 6.0.