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The Action menu isn’t the only way code can run. There are many situations where code can run automatically in response to different events, including opening a database, adding or removing a record, or editing data.

Here is a short program designed to run in response to a phone number being edited. Using the formatphone( function, it automatically formats the phone number in the format (999) 999-9999 format. If the area code is missing, it automatically adds a default area code (in this case 714). If the number contains less than 7 digits, it displays a notification.

local digits
digits = striptonum(Phone)
if length(digits) = 0 or length(digits)>10
elseif length(digits) = 7
    digits = "714"+digits
if length(digits) = 10
    Phone = formatphone(digits)
if length(digits)<7
    nsnotify "Bad Phone Number?","text","Only "+pattern(length(digits),"# digit~") 

To run this code in response to a phone number being entered, place this code in the Code section of the Field Properties Panel for the Phone field.

This code will run automatically whenever a phone number is entered into the database (or modified).

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