The primary method for modifying the properties of a field is using the Field Properties Panel, which slides in from the right edge of the data sheet.

To show or hide this panel, simply click the Properties tool in the upper right corner of the window. (You can also choose Show Field Properties from the Field menu.)

When the Field Properties Panel is open, it displays all the attributes of the currently selected field. You can leave the panel open and click on different fields to see the properties associated with each field.

The Field Properties Panel is also used to modify a field’s properties. In this example, the panel is being used to change the display alignment of the data within a field.

Like any other operation, changes made to field properties can be reversed with the Undo command. For example, suppose I accidentally change the PayTo field to Numeric. This doesn’t work correctly, since the data doesn’t contain numbers. To get the original data back, simply choose Undo from the Edit menu. Remember, you are not limited to just one Undo, you can undo multiple recent changes.

To learn about individual field properties see Field Properties. You can also view and modify field properties with the Field Blueprint Dialog.

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