To use the value of a database field within a formula, type the name of the field into the formula. This formula adds up the sum of three fields.


When a field is used in a formula it always refers to the value of that field in the current record in the current database (the database belonging to the topmost window). As you move from record to record the result of the computation will change depending on the values in that particular record. (The only exception to this rule is certain functions like lookup( and fieldvalue(, which may refer to fields in other records or even other databases.)

If a field name contains spaces or punctuation, or begins with any character except a letter or underscore, you must surround the name with chevron characters (« and »). (Press Option-\ to create the « chevron character and Shift-Option-\ to create the » chevron character.) Here is a database with some unusual field names.

(Price, Quantity, Zip Code, P/E Ratio)

The first two names can be used without chevrons, but the last two require chevrons because of spaces and punctuation in the names.

«Zip Code»
«P/E Ratio»

Using the Current Field

A formula may use «» to refer to the current field without having to know what the current field is. For example, this formula converts the current cell to upper case.

«» = upper(«»)

If necessary, a formula can find out what the current field name is with the info(“fieldname”) function.

Line Item Fields

Line items are used for repeating items within a record (see Line Item Fields). Line item fields always end with a numeric suffix, for example Qty1, Qty2, Qty3, etc. Line item fields can be used in formulas just like other fields, for example:


When the current cell is a line item field the Ω symbol (press Option-Z) can be used as an automatic numeric suffix. Panorama automatically adjusts the suffix depending on what cell is currently active. For example, consider this formula using the Ω symbol.


When this formula is calculated, Panorama will automatically substitute the correct line item number for each Ω symbol as shown in this table. If the name of the current field ends in 1 (for example Item1), this formula will be automatically be interpreted as:


It the name of the current field ends in 7 (for example Item7), this formula will be automatically be interpreted as:


If a formula containing the Ω character is used when the current cell is not a line item cell an error will occur. To add up a series of line items you can use the sum( function.

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