The deleteglobaldictionaryvalues statement deletes one or more global dictionary values.


This statement has two parameters:

dictionaryname – name of the global dictionary (must have been previously set up with the setglobaldictionaryvalues statement).

key – name of the key you want to delete. If this parameter is omitted then the entire dictionary is deleted. If there is more than one key parameter, they will all be deleted.


This statement deletes one or more global dictionary values. Normally Panorama keeps a global dictionary until you quit Panorama. If you need to remove an entire global dictionary, use the deleteglobaldictionaryvalues statement without specifiying a key:

deleteglobaldictionaryvalues "Order"

You can also use this statement to delete an individual value from a dictionary, like this:

deleteglobaldictionaryvalues "Order","Color"

Or, you can delete several values at once.

deleteglobaldictionaryvalues "Order","Name","Color","Price"

See Global Dictionaries for an extended discussion of how this statement can be used.

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