Panorama X includes about 99% of the capabilities of Panorama 6, and major functionality far beyond what Panorama 6 ever offered. Importantly, Panorama X eliminates all of the glitches that occur when using Panorama 6 on recent Macintosh operating systems. It’s very powerful, smooth, and a lot of fun to work with.

Panorama X seamlessly imports all Panorama 6 databases, automatically converting all data, forms, and programs to the new format. About 98% of Panorama 6 programming code will work “out-of-the-box” with no changes, but if you’re using really advanced programming techniques, you may have to make some adjustments (see Unimplemented Statements and Functions).

If Panorama X includes 99% of the capabilities of Panorama 6, what is the remaining 1%? The remaining “to-do” list includes:

† - Text Display object now supports rich text display and embedded images, and can be used for “mail merge” applications.

If you’d like to review a detailed breakdown of what has changed in each Panorama X release, see Release Notes. You can also review these itemized lists of items that are brand new, or have changed from Panorama 6 to Panorama X.