The arraysort statement sorts the elements in an array (see Text Arrays).


This statement has three parameters:

oldarray – is a formula that calculates the original array. Usually this is a text field or variable, but it is allowed to be any formula that produces a text result.

newarray – is the variable or field that will contain the new array. If you use a field for this parameter it must be a text field. If you want to change the array in place, use the same field or variable for both the oldarray and the newarray

separator – is the separator character for the array, often a carriage return, tab or comma.


This statement sorts the elements in an array. The example below builds an alphabetized list of the forms in the current database. The list is separated by carriage returns, and could be used with a pop-up menu or Text List Object.

global FormList
arraysort dbinfo("forms",""),FormList,cr()

See the arraysort( function for additional explanation and examples.

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