The count statement counts all non-empty data cells for the current field.


No parameters.


This statement counts the non-empty entries for the current field. The current field may be numeric, text, or a choices type field, however you cannot count a date or binary type field because the count cannot be formatted for those field types.

If the database contains summary records, this statement will perform counts for each group of records placing the count in the summary record for that group. It will also place an overall count for the whole database in the grand total summary.

If there are not any summary records in the database, one will be added at the end of the database and the overall count is placed into that summary record.

This simple example counts the entries in the Name field.

field Name

This example groups up on the State field, copies the State field into a newly created field called Temp and counts the State field and collapses the database to show you only the summary records.

field State
insertfield "Temp"
field Temp
formulafill State
outlinelevel 1

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