The minimum statement calculates the minimum and sub-minimums for the current field.


No parameters.


This statement calculates the minimum for the current field. The current field may be numeric, text, or a date field. If the database contains summary records, this statement will calculate the sub-minimum for each summary record, along with an overall minimum for the whole database. If there are not any summary records in the database, one will be added at the end of the database and the overall minimum will be calculated and placed into the summary record.

This statement ignores empty cells. For example if a numeric cell is empty, it cannot be the minimum value. However, if the cell contains zero, it can be the minimum value (unless there are negative values).

This simple example calculates the smallest check in the database.

field Debit

This example fills the summary record with the name of the first company in each state.

field State
field Company

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