The editcellwith statement opens the edit window for the currently active field (or cell), using the supplied alternate text.


This statement has one parameter:

text – initial text to appear in the edit window.


This statement opens the edit window for the current field allowing you to make changes to the field manually. After this statement opens the edit window the procedure will suspend operations temporarily until you manually close the edit window, then the procedure will continue after the editcellwith statement.

This statement is nearly identical to the editcell statement. However, instead of initializing the editor window with the text in the current database cell, this statement initializes the editor with the specified text. This example edits the Country field, with a default value of United States. If United States is what you want then just press the Return key, otherwise edit the text to whatever you want.

field Country
editcellwith "United States"

Here is a very similar example using the editcell statement:

field Country
Country = "United States"

The difference is that this second example modifies the database immediately, before editing even begins. The previous example, using the editcellwith statement, does not modify the database before editing begins. If you want to restore the previous value of the Country cell, you can just press the Escape key. Since the database hasn’t been modified yet, pressing the Escape key leaves the database as it was.

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