The printonerecord statement prints the the currently active record.


This statement has one parameter:

options – specifies the printing options. There are only two valid options: empty text ("") or the keyword dialog.

Whether the options parameter is the word, “dialog” or “”, Panorama will pause the procedure and present the user with the standard Print dialog. This allows the user to select the number of copies, print quality, and any other options that may be available for the currently selected printer.

(Note: past versions of Panorama, the empty string, “” would print without pausing for user input. This has changed in Panorama X. See printtopdf “”,“Printer”,“”,“Form”,“Invoice”,“OneRecord”,“true” for printing without pausing for user input.


The print statement prints the currently active record to the current printer. This has the same effect as choosing Print One Record from the File menu. This example prints the current invoice.

openform "PaperInvoice"
printonerecord dialog

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10.0No ChangeCarried over from Panorama 6.0.