Panorama X

Database Speed, Power & Simplicity

Panorama X combines the best elements of database and spreadsheet technology into a single package, making it an unparalleled tool for working with and analyzing any kind of information. Like a spreadsheet, Panorama X is RAM based for speed and flexibility, but with all of the data processing power of a full-blown database application and more.

RAM Based Performance

There's one key difference between Panorama X and every other database program out there: Panorama X is RAM-based, not disk-based. You read that correctly — Panorama X performs all database operations completely in your computer's high speed RAM, never touching the much slower mechanical disk or SSD drive (of course changes are regularly auto-saved for safety). You'll see incredible performance when sorting, searching, performing analysis, and even when doing complete data restructuring. Massive tasks that would be impossibly slow when using other database software become routine.

RAM chips

Even if a database already contains tens of thousand of records, Panorama X can quickly conquer tasks like shifting misaligned data, splitting or merging fields, correcting misformatted or improperly capitalized data, search and replace, phonetic searches or even searching with a formula or regular expression. It's like a Swiss Army knife for your data!

Modern User Interface

Panorama 1.0 first shipped back in 1988, but if you've seen Panorama before, it's time to look again. Panorama X has been completely rebuilt as a Mac-only app, all new from the ground up with a timeless new design, delightful, easy-to-use and consistent interactions, all wrapped up with the latest UI goodness from Apple.

"Panorama X is a conscientiously modern Cocoa app." … "Panorama X, with its brilliant Undo stack, shows how a properly implemented Cocoa app can provide total freedom from fear as you perform sweeping changes on huge amounts of data."

Matt Neuburg (Book Author: Programming iOS 11)

Even with a million record database, scrolling is smooth and responsive. Graphics are crisp, sharp and retina-ready, and all the hallmarks of a modern macOS application are included: 64-bit, customizable toolbars, inspector panels, full-screen mode, complete Unicode support, even multi-level undo!

Get Started Fast

Panorama X makes simple tasks easy and difficult tasks possible. With Panorama's intuitive, spreadsheet-like data sheet view, you can get your first database up and running in less than a minute. You can start from scratch or import existing data in comma-separated (csv), tab-separated (tsv), or json format. As your needs and abilities grow, you can add custom layouts and programming to create database applications tailor-made to your exact specifications. Take your personalized Panorama experience as far as you want to go. You'll be guided every step of the way by the detailed documentation and quick start video training guides.

Multi-Level Undo

Panorama X is the first database program ever to support universal, multi-level undo. You can feel free to work quickly with no worries about making mistakes, because Panorama X always keeps a safety net there for you. Multi-level undo isn't restricted to small changes — any operation you perform in Panorama X can be instantly reversed, including:

  • Data entry
  • Inserting and deleting records
  • Inserting, deleting, merging and splitting fields
  • Sorting, searching & bulk data modification
  • Graphics and code modifications

If you need to reverse changes over a longer period, Panorama also supports Revert to Saved (not just the most recently saved version, but any previously saved version using the standard Time Machine interface).

Deep Searching

Panorama X can easily search all fields in a database or any combination of specific fields. Text fields can be searched for complete or partial matches, or even searched phonetically or using a regular expression. Fields can be compared to each other as well as to fixed values. Multiple searches can be combined for very specific results, and for advanced searching boolean formulas can be used. Search results are updated live, as you type, even for the most complex and advanced searches.

Interactive Data Analysis

Data outlines are a unique feature that summarize raw data in a multi-level outline, with each higher level corresponding to higher level categorizations of the data. The outline is interactive, so it can be collapsed to show overall trends or selectively expanded to reveal specific details at lower levels. Summary levels in the outline can be further processed by sorting or selection, making it easy to answer questions like who were the top five sales associates in each region last quarter? or which sectors are growing the fastest internationally?

Data Visualization & Analytics

Panorama X's visualization and analytics tools transform raw data into actionable intelligence. Watch the Data Visualization & Analytics video to see how you can unleash the potential value that is hidden in plain sight in your data.

Analytic Tables

Summary Tables reshape unorganized data into concise tabular analysis, including computations of subtotals, averages, standard deviation and more. Crosstab Tables provide two dimensional data visualization, for example Spending vs. Month or Income vs. Age. Both types of analytic tables enable rapid, interactive exploration of your data space. All analytical tables remain bound to the raw data, so you can instantly drill into and audit the backing detail behind any summarized value.

Charts & Graphs

Often the best way to really understand complex data is to plot it with a chart or a graph, and Panorama X makes that easy, automatically transforming raw data into chartable form according to your specifications. Chart options include bar, stacked bar, line, area, stacked area and pie charts.

Live Chart Interaction

You can hover over any chart element to display the actual numeric data value of that element, enable and disable individual chart elements, and even zoom in to examine chart details. Watch the Charts & Graphs video to see live chart interaction and to learn how to embed charts into a database form with custom graphics.

Custom Layouts

Panorama X's complete suite of drawing and layout tools allow you to rapidly design and create custom windows, dialogs, forms, labels, and custom reports. You have complete control over the layout and, if necessary, any programming you need. Layouts can be fixed or responsive to window size. Programming code can be embedded into any element, much like HyperCard™. Available layout elements include:

  • Shapes
  • Text
  • Styled Text
  • Images
  • Push Buttons
  • Checkbox Buttons
  • Radio Buttons
  • Icon Buttons
  • Popup Menus
  • Segmented Buttons
  • Slider
  • Stepper
  • Level Indicator
  • Progress Indicator
  • Tab Panels
  • Web Browser
  • Tables (Text List)
  • Matrix

If you've ever used Apple's powerful Xcode Interface Builder, you'll be instantly familiar with how the Panorama application builder works. To add a new graphics object, simply drag it onto the layout, then use the inspector panels to configure, including adding code.


Here at ProVUE, we're big believers in automation. If a task is going to be performed more than 2 or 3 times, automation is the best way to ensure that the task is performed rapidly and accurately. That's why every aspect of Panorama X operation can be automated — database manipulation, modifying database structure, even graphical layout tasks can be automated.


Basic automation doesn't require any programming at all. Just turn on the "watch me" recorder and Panorama will automatically write the code for you as you search, sort, and perform other database tasks. The recorded code is automatically added to the Action menu, where it can be played back at any time. It can also be attached to a button, or set up to trigger when a specific event occurs.


For advanced users, Panorama X includes a full-featured programming language, including conditional logic, subroutines, alerts and dialogs, full menu control, background timers, asynchronous internet access, and much much more. You can even integrate code written in AppleScript, shell script, Python, Ruby, PHP and more.

Bulk Data Modification

Panorama allows huge data sets to be bent, reshaped or refactored at will. Fields can be added, removed, rearranged, hidden, merged or split at any time. Entire datasets can be rapidly altered based on parsing/manipulation rules set up from pop-up menus (advanced users can also use arbitrary formulas and regular expressions). Typical examples include:

  • Swapping first and last names
  • Splitting combined names into separate first/last names
  • Merging adjacent fields
  • Shifting misaligned columns
  • Search & replace words, phrases or regular expression patterns
  • Normalizing format of phone numbers
  • Removing extraneous punctuation
  • Fixing incorrect capitalization
  • Add or remove prefixes & suffixes
  • Adding sequence numbers (1, 2, 3, …)
  • Recalculating entire field (with formula)
  • Running totals & differences
  • Filling in missing values
  • Removing duplicate information
  • Modify all fields in a single operation

Multiple parsing/manipulation rules can be chained together for complex transformations, and sets of parsing/manipulation rules can be saved for later re-use. Proposed modifications are previewed in real time as they are changed, and actual database manipulation occurs at 10k-50k records per second.

Easy & Accurate Data Entry

Panorama X streamlines data entry with features like Clairvoyance™ (auto-complete), automatic capitalization, input and output patterns, default values and the unique smart date feature that understands human friendly dates like today, friday or last monday.


Panorama's relational model supports one record-to-one record links, range-to-one record (shipping and tax tables, for example), and one record-to-many records. Relational keys are not limited to a single field, and can even be defined with a formula.

Geographical Data

If your data contains addresses, Panorama X can display it on a map. Databases that contain latitude/longitude data can be searched for proximity to specific locations — what airports are within 200 miles of San Francisco? If a database contains addresses within the United States, approximate proximity searches can be performed based on the zip code (lat/long data not required). Panorama can also look up the city and state for a zip code.

64 Bit High Capacity

Panorama X databases contain no indexes, so they are extremely space efficient (high speed RAM operation makes indexes unnecessary). In fact, Panorama databases can typically store five to ten thousand records per megabyte of RAM, allowing Panorama to easily handle extremely large databases. (One of the databases shown in the demo movie contains registration details for all 314,000 aircraft in the United States in only 81 megabytes.)

Flexible Import & Export

Panorama X can import text files in comma-separated (csv), tab-separated (tsv), or json format. Export supports the same formats plus HTML. Data can be automatically restructured as it is imported or exported to match up with external programs (for example re-arranging, merging or splitting fields as the data is imported or exported).

Regular Expressions

Panorama X includes full support for industry-standard regular expressions, enabling powerful and lightning fast pattern match based searches and search/replace. There are literally thousands of regular expression pattern matching examples online (as well as books) that you can plug directly into Panorama X.

AES-256 Encryption

Panorama X can optionally encrypt your sensitive data and proprietary custom code for maximum security.

Font Awesome Icons


Panorama X includes the complete suite of over 675 Font Awesome vector icons, all fully customizable (size & color). Making beautiful icon buttons has never been easier!

Fully Customizable

You can personalize Panorama X just the way you like it with fully customizable toolbars, menus and preset search, sort, and analysis favorites available right at your fingertips.

Comprehensive Documentation

Panorama X includes detailed reference and tutorial documentation built right into the app, as well as step-by-step video training. We don't leave you hanging! We also invite you to come hang out with us and other Panorama users at the friendly Panorama Discussion Forum.

Collect Organize Understand Act

By now you've got a pretty good idea of Panorama X's amazing power and ease of use, but there are dozens of additional features in addition to the ones listed above. The beauty of Panorama X is that it is very simple and easy to get started, but it doesn't run out of power as you gain more experience.

  • New 100% Native Cocoa User Interface
  • New 64-Bit RAM Database Engine
  • New AES-256 Encryption
  • New Animated GIF Support
  • New in 10.1 AppleScript support
  • Improved Automatic Graphic Layout
  • New Automatic Memory Allocation
  • New Automatic Updates (Free)
  • Auto Save
  • New Background Internet Access
  • New Background Searching
  • New Blueprints (Git Support)
  • New in 10.1 Charts & Graphs
  • Checkboxes & Radio Buttons
  • Clairvoyance™ (auto complete)
  • Improved Code Recorder
  • New Code Syntax Coloring
  • New in 10.1 Crosstab tables
  • CSV Import/Export
  • Custom Alerts & Dialogs
  • Custom Menus
  • Custom Reports
  • New Customizable Toolbars
  • Date & Time Calculations
  • New Dialog Sheets
  • Drag & Drop
  • Dynamic Image Display
  • New Embedded Web Content
  • Financial Calculations
  • New Font Awesome Icons
  • Improved Formula Workshop
  • New Full-Screen Mode
  • Improved Full Programming Language
  • New Geographic Searches
  • New Global Code Search
  • New Gradient Display
  • Improved Hide/Show Fields
  • HTML Export (Customizable)
  • New Integrated HTML Help
  • New Integrated Video Training
  • Interactive Summary Outlines
  • New Inspector Palettes
  • Improved JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, TIFF Image Display
  • New JSON Import/Export
  • New Live Scrolling
  • Mailing Labels
  • New Map Display
  • Matrix Data Display
  • Merge/Split Fields
  • New Morph All Fields
  • Multi-line Fields
  • New Multi Level Universal Undo
  • New Notifications
  • New Periodic Background Code
  • Popup Menus
  • New Programmable Graphics
  • New Regular Expressions
  • Improved Relational
  • New Retina Display Support
  • Scientific Calculations
  • New Search Forward/Backward
  • New Searchable Lists & Matrixes
  • New Shift Misaligned Fields
  • New Sliders, Steppers, Level Indicators
  • Smart Dates
  • Smart Resizing (Multiple Objects)
  • Improved Sort Multiple Fields
  • Speech Synthesis
  • New Stars & Polygons
  • New Styled Text Display
  • New in 10.1 Summary tables
  • New Tab Panels
  • New Translucent Objects (Opacity)
  • New Unicode
  • Improved Unlimited Length Filenames
  • New User Database Exchange
  • Improved User Discussion Forum

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your computer has two kinds of memory: RAM and disk. Even if your system has a SSD instead of a mechanical disk drive, RAM memory is still thousands of times faster. Panorama takes full advantage of this speed by loading entire databases into RAM memory. Unlike other database software, Panorama never touches the disk drive once the database is open. All searching, sorting, editing, and everything else occurs directly in your computer's high speed RAM.

To start the 7 day free trial, simply download and copy to the Applications folder. You don't need to give us a credit card, email address or any other information, just get started. (Note: The 7 days of your free trial don't have to be consecutive.).

When you're ready to buy, purchasing credits for your Panorama X account is done in the app itself (not on the web). Simply choose Site License from the Panorama menu, create a new account (if you haven't done so already), then click on the Payments panel. See Creating a New Panorama X Account and Managing Your Panorama X Account to learn more.

Only a few dollars a month, and nothing if you don't use it during a particular month. See Affordable Pricing below.

Nada. Zip. Zilch. All upgrades are included with your active account, and Panorama X can automatically update itself when new versions are available (with your approval, of course).

A lot. Panorama's efficient storage techniques can pack from 3 to 15 thousand records in each megabyte of memory, so on even an older 4 GB computer that is up to 60 million records. As a real world example, the Panorama X intro video shows a demo database that packs all 313,000 aircraft registered in the entire United States into only 81 megabytes — only enough to fill a tiny percentage of RAM on modern Mac systems.

Yes. If you've been using Panorama 6, your databases will import directly into Panorama X (including data, forms, and procedures). If you've been using another database or spreadsheet program, Panorama can import text data in CSV (comma separated), TSV (tab separated) or JSON format.

Yes. Panorama can export text data in CSV (comma separated), TSV (tab separated), JSON and HTML format, as well as PDF. The format of the exported data can be customized into any format.

Panorama X is available for Macintosh systems running macOS 10.9 or later.

Panorama X includes extensive written and video documentation, available both within the application itself and on the web..

Do you have more questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, or visit the Panorama Discussion Forum to interact with other Panorama users and ProVUE Development technical staff.


Joe Kissell

Take Control Books
San Diego, California

We rely on Panorama X for a number of mission-critical tasks, including tracking orders and creating monthly royalty reports for our authors. We have one database with well over half a million records, and Panorama X handles it flawlessly. I especially appreciate Panorama X’s Multi-Level Undo, extensive automation capabilities, and support for regular expressions and Unicode, all of which have made my work vastly simpler.

Sal Soghoian

Automation Evangelist
Berkeley, California

It's a pleasure to see your work and vision
— what an outstanding toolset you’ve created.

Affordable Pricing

With all of the power Panorama X has to offer, you may be surprised at how affordable it is. After your free trial, you can get started with Panorama X for as little as fifteen dollars up front, and ongoing use is as little as $5/month. For months when you don't use it, you pay nothing. There are no recurring payments — we don't keep your credit card on file and you are in control at all times (all payments are made from within the application, under your control). Watch the short video below to learn more about Panorama X's flexible subscription system.

Prepaid Pricing Plans
Period Amount Cost/Month†
1 month $15 $15
12 months $100 $8.33
30 months $200 $6.67
60 months $300 $5

† Unused credits don't expire, so for example if you pre-pay for a year, and only use Panorama part time, those credits may actually last for much longer than a year.

You can install Panorama X on as many computers as you like. As long as you use it on only one computer at a time, you pay nothing extra. Business users pay for each computer in use during a month, but without any serial numbers or activation hassles. A business can scale up or down the number of computers in use at any time -- it's all taken care of automatically within the app.

Panorama X in the Media

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