This beta version includes numerous bug fixes. For Panorama Server users, there is a new option to monitor and automatically relaunch if the server stops running for some reason. There is also a new diagnostic tool to double check that synchronization is working, and a new option for web only databases, which allows rapid bulk data modification to a web published database on the server.

For standalone Panorama users, Panorama now has the ability to play sounds in the background. The techniques for creating and modifying custom statements and custom functions is now documented, and slightly improved. There is also a significant change in how code is run after a field has been edited. Hopefully you won’t notice this change, other than possibly you may find that mysterious weird behavior has now disappeared. In related news, the new showlater statement will in most cases be an easier to use method for eliminating extra display than the noshow and endnoshow statements. There’s no reason to rewrite existing code with these statements, but for new code, showlater is probably easier.