The exportdataarray( function converts a data array into a text array (see Data Arrays and Text Arrays).


This function has two parameters:

array – the initial data array to be converted/exported.

separator – the separator value for the exported text array. This parameter is optional – if it is omitted, Panorama will use carriage return as the separator.


This function takes a data array and converts it into the equivalent text array.

exportdataarray(dataarray(8,2,1,3),"+") ☞ 8+2+1+3

This function is very convenient for debugging since it allows you to easily “print out” the contents of a data array.

Note: In the process of converting the array, this function converts all numeric values to text, using Panorama’s default numeric formats. If you want to control the formats yourself you can explicitly convert each value to text using the arrayfilter( and pattern( functions, then use the exportdataarray( function on the result.

exportdataarray(arrayfilter(dataarray(8,2,6),{pattern(import(),"#.##")}),"+") ☞ 8.00+2.00+6.00

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