The importdataarray( function converts a text array into a data array (see Data Arrays and Text Arrays).


This function has three parameters:

array – the initial text array to be converted/exported.

separator – the separator value for the imported text array. This parameter is optional – if it is omitted, Panorama will use carriage return as the separator.

datatype – the data type of the new array values. This may be text, integer, float or binary. This parameter is optional – if it is omitted, text will be assumed.


This function takes a text array and converts it into the equivalent data array. It is similar to the dataarray( function, but instead of using separate values, all of the values are provided in a single text array. This example creates a data array with three different shipping options.

local shippingOptions
shippingOptions = importdataarray("Fedex,UPS,Post Office",",")

The data array created by this function normally contains text values, but you can force Panorama to create integer or float values instead.

local priceLevels
priceLevels = importdataarray("0.99,4.99,9.99,19.99,49.99,99.99",",","float")

Of course if you do this, you should be sure that the text array contains valid numeric values rather than arbitrary text.

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