The replacemultiple( function replaces multiple words and phrases in a text value.


This function has four parameters:

text – is the item of text that you want to search through and possibly replace part of.

old – is an array of characters, words or phrases that you want to search for and replace. Each entry is separated from the next by the separator character.

new – is an array of new characters, words or phrases that you want to substitute for the old characters, words or phrases. This array must have the same number of items as the old parameter. The replacemultiple( function will scan through the text parameter. When it finds an item in the old parameter, it will replace that item with the corresponding item in the new parameter.

separator – is the separator character for both arrays (both must use the same separator character). This should be a single character.


The replacemultiple( function is similar to the replace( function. However, instead of simply replacing one word or phrase with another, the replacemultiple( function takes an entire list of words or phrases and replaces them with the corresponding words and phrases in a second list. (In the current version of Panorama the replace( function can also perform multiple replacements, but it does so with multiple parameters instead of with a Text Array).

replacemultiple("Medford, OR",
    ";") ☞ Medford, Oregon
replacemultiple("Walla Walla, WA",
    ";") ☞ Walla Walla, Washington
replacemultiple("Sedona, AZ",
    ";") ☞ Sedona, Arizona

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