The info(“procedurestack”) function returns the contents of Panorama’s procedure call stack.


This function returns the contents of Panorama’s procedure call stack. The call stack contains information about what procedures called the current procedure. In other words, if the current procedure was called by procedure alpha which in turn was called by procedure bravo, this function can tell you that.

The result of this procedure is a carriage return delimited text array with one line per procedure in the stack (or possibily more than one line if shortcall statements have been used). Each line of the array contains six columns separated by tabs:

Procedure Name
Database Name
Error Start Position
Error End Position
Procedure Source Code (line breaks changed to vertical tabs)

Note: At this time, the trigger column is not supported.

The source code position is the location in this procedure where execution is pending; this is usually the spot of a call, shortcall, farcall, or execute statement, or a custom statement. The location is specified by the number of characters from the front of the procedure, with the first character numbered at zero.

In some cases (for example the execute statement and execute( function, there really is no valid procedure name. In those cases the name will show the name of the statement or function that contains the procedure definition, preceded by a lightning bolt symbol.

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10.0.001UpdatedAdded the Error End Position and Procedure Source Code to the output of this function.
10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but now includes information from execute and shortcall statements.