The containsword operator returns true if the text contains a specified word, false if it doesn’t.


This operator has two parameters:

text – The text.

value2 – The word.


The containsword operator checks the first parameter to see if contains the specified word anywhere within it. Partial matches are not allowed, for example if the text contains candles, the word candle will not match.

"The candle is bright." containsword "candle" ☞ true
"The candles are bright." containsword "candle" ☞ false
"Yellow Candle" contains "containsword" ☞ true

As the final example shows, the containsword operator is not case sensitive.

As a more practical example, the formula below will be true if the Address field or variable contains the word box.

Address containsword "box"

This formula will be true if the address is P.O. Box 5328, and false if the address is 6938 Boxwood Lane.

The contains operator will only tell you if the word appears anywhere within the text, but will not tell you the position of the word within the larger text. If you need to know the position use the search( function.

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