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Hot Screencasts!

Are you new to Panorama? This short video gives you a quick introduction to the benefits of Panorama's unique hybrid of database+spreadsheet technology.
A quick tour of what's new in Panorama 6.0. If you are currently using Panorama 4, 5 or 5.5 this video is especially for you!
Panorama 6 was Adam Engst's "pick of the week" on the May 25th, 2010 episode of this top rated podcast. Watch Adam and Leo Laporte discuss Panorama's long history and features from the new release.
See how you can simply right-click on any data item to select similar data.

Screencast Directory

Often the best way to learn software is to watch how it's done, so we've put together an ever expanding portfolio of screencasts that walk you step-by-step. (If you are not familiar with the term "screencast", it simply refers to a video of the computer screen, so that you can watch as if you were sitting next to the presenter.) Each screencast is concise and to the point. Most Panorama screencasts are listed below, but sometimes you'll also find the very latest screencasts on our YouTube channel before they appear on this page.

Getting to Know Panorama

      Introduction to Panorama (8 minutes)
      Panorama 5.5 to 6 Upgrade Quick Tour (9 minutes)
      Unique Panorama Technology (16 minutes)

Panorama in the News

      Panorama 6 "Pick of the Week" on MacBreak Weekly (4 minutes)
      Tech Night Owl interview about Panorama (26 minutes, audio only)
      The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) interview (12 minutes)

Working with Data

      Basic Database Search Techniques (2 minutes)
      Show More Data "Like This" (3 minutes)
      Advanced Search Techniques (4 minutes)
      Revising a Search (2 minutes)
      Search Favorites and Preferences (4 minutes)

Forms & Reports

      Tips for Making Neat Forms (10 minutes)
      Cool Panorama Tricks (16 minutes)
      Displaying Images on a Database Form (3 minutes)

Getting Data In and Out of Panorama

      Getting Data Into Panorama (11 minutes)
      Importing Financial Data (1 minute)

Managing Database Files & Preferences

Programming Panorama

      Sending Email with Panorama (10 minutes)
      Displaying an Address on a Map (2 minutes)
      The Error Detail Wizard (2 minutes)
      Calling Procedures from a Formula (3 minutes)

Panorama Enterprise Server (Multi-user and Web Publishing)

      Database Sharing & Web Publishing (15 minutes)
      Shopping Cart Database Example (23 minutes)