The extrapages( function controls the printing of extra data tile pages.


This function has one parameter:

pagelist – is a text item listing the extra pages that should be printed. For example, if you want to print data tiles 3 and 5 the page list should be "35".


This function must be used in a Text Display object on a form to be printed. The form must have extra data tiles (Data Tile 2, Data Tile 3, etc.) Panorama will always print the main data tile, but the extrapages( function can control what other data tiles are printed on a record by record basis.

For example, suppose that your form contains a statement (main data tile) and a reminder letter (data tile 2). The reminder letter should only be printed if the account is more than 45 days overdue. To do this put the formula below in a Text Display object somewhere on the main data tile.


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