The fileglobalvalue( function accesses a fileglobal or permanent variable from other databases.


This function has two parameters:

database – is the name of the database that contains the fileglobal or permanent variable. Note: This database must currently be open! If the database parameter is "", or is omitted, the current database is assumed.

variable – is the name of the variable you want to access. In general, this variable name must be enclosed in quotes (unless you are using a formula to calculate the name).


This function makes it possible to access a fileglobal or permanent variable from other databases. (Usually these variables can only be accessed from the database in which they were created.)

This example dials the phone using the default area code stored as a permanent variable named DefaultAreaCode in the Prefs database

dial fileglobalvalue("Prefs","DefaultAreaCode")+Phone

Note: If you want to grab a fileglobal or permanent variable in the current database, you can set the database parameter to "", or simply omit the database parameter.

message fileglobalvalue("Channel"+channelNumber)

If channelNumber contains 7, this will display the contents of the Channel7 variable.

Note: In older versions of Panorama (version 6.0 and earlier), this function was called grabfilevariable(. For compatibility with legacy databases, this name still works.

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but the database variable may be omitted (in which case it defaults to the current database). Also, this function has a new name, it was formerly the grabfilevariable( function (which still works for compatibility with legacy databases).