The fieldstotextvariables statement copies database fields into variables.


This statement has two parameters:

prefix – prefix for variable names

vartype – Type of variable to create: LOCAL, FILEGLOBAL (default), WINDOWGLOBAL, GLOBAL, PERMANENT. If this parameter is omitted, fileglobal variables will be created.


This statement copies database fields into variables. The data will be converted to text as it is copied into the variables. Variable names will be the same as the field names, but with a prefix you specify.

Suppose you have a mailing list database with the fields Name, Address, City, State and Zip. This statement:

fieldstotextvariables "x"

will create fileglobal variables named xName, xAddress, xCity, xState and xZip and will fill the variables with the corresponding data from the current record in the database.

This statement will create windowglobal variables with a prefix of w instead of x.

fieldstotextvariables "w","windowglobal"

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