The changetimer statement modifies a repeating task that will be performed periodically when Panorama is not otherwise busy.


This statement has three parameters:

name – specifies the periodic task to be modified. The task must have already been set up with the starttimer statement.

property – a timer property. Each timer has properties including the task to be run, the interval, etc. See below for detailed descriptions of the different timer properties available. Properties can be specified in either upper or lower case, for example INTERVAL or interval.

value – the new value for the property specified by the previous parameter.


This statement modifies a repeating task that was previously set up with the starttimer statement. For example, this code will modify the beat timer so that it performs its task every other second.

changetimer "beat","interval",2

Timer Properties

Each timer has multiple properties – how often the timer runs, what code is used to perform the timer’s task, whether or not the timer runs in the background, etc. When you modify a timer, you can specify all the properties you need, like this:

changetimer name,property1,value1,property2,value2,property3,value3

For complete descriptions of the timer properties available, see the starttimer statement.

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