The formblueprint statement creates blueprint code for the specified form.


This statement has five parameters:

database – database containing the form (or “” for current database).

form – name of form.

blueprint – field or variable to receive the blueprint code.

option – option name, must be paired with an option value (see next parameter). The available options are selected, formoptions and windowproperties. You may specify multiple option/value pairs.

optionvalue – option value that corresponds with previous parameter.


This statement creates blueprint code for the specified form. This statement is normally used internally by the saveblueprint statement, but you can also use it yourself.

This example gets the blueprint code for the Avery 5160 form in the Contacts database, then creates a new, identical form named Mailing Label in the current database.

local blueprintCode
formblueprint "Contacts","Avery 5160",blueprintCode
    {local targetFormName targetFormName="Mailing Label" }+blueprintCode
execute blueprintCode

Including Only Selected Objects in the Blueprint

Normally all objects are selected in the blueprint, but you can restrict the generated blueprint code to only selected objects.

formblueprint "Contacts","Avery 5160",blueprintCode,"selected",true()

The formblueprint statement normally outputs code for creating the form and setting up form options, but when only selected objects are included, this code is omitted. Only the code associated with the selected objects is generated.

Including Only Form Options in the Blueprint

If you want only the form options to be included in the blueprint (not the objects), use the formoptions option.

formblueprint "Contacts","Avery 5160",blueprintCode,"formoptions",true()

The FormOptionsBluePrintSheet statement uses this option to allow the form options to be edited without the distraction of all of the object code.

Suppressing Window Properties

The blueprint code normally includes window position and options. You can turn this off with the windowproperties option.

formblueprint "Contacts","Avery 5160",blueprintCode,"windowproperties",false()

To see an example of this, the FormBluePrintSheet statement uses this option so that the window properties don’t change when you edit the blueprint.

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