The newformusingblueprint statement creates a new form from a blueprint.


This statement has three parameters:

blueprint – path to the blueprint.

formname – name of the form within the blueprint

newformname – name of the new form. If blank or omitted, the original form name will be used.


This statement creates a new form using a previously saved blueprint. This statement is normally used internally by the newdatabaseusingblueprint statement, but you can also use it yourself.

This example gets the blueprint code for the Avery 5160 form in the Contacts database, then creates a new, identical form named Mailing Label in the current database.

newformusingblueprint "Contacts","Avery 5160","Mailing Label"

This example extracts the Avery 5160 form from the Mailing List blueprint and adds a clone of this form to the current database.

newformusingblueprint "~/Dropbox/Mailing List","Avery 5160"

The new form can have a different name than the original. In this example, the new form is simply called Mailing Label. In every other detail, however, it is an exact clone of the original Avery 5160 form.

newformusingblueprint "~/Dropbox/Mailing List","Avery 5160","Mailing Label"

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