The formobjectblueprint statement creates blueprint code for specified form object.


This statement has four parameters:

database – database containing the object (or “” for current database).

form – form containing the object

object – object name (text) or id (number).

blueprint – field or variable to receive the blueprint code.


This statement creates blueprint code for specified form object. This statement is normally used internally by the saveblueprint and formblueprint statements, but you can also use it yourself.

This example creates a copy of the object named Label in the Avery 5160 form into the current form.

local blueprintCode
formobjectblueprint "Contacts","Avery 5160","Label",blueprintCode
execute blueprintCode

Note: There is an alternate form of this statement for use with clone windows. If you want to access the blueprint of an object in the current window, completely leave off the first two parameters (database and form). For example, this will get the code associated with the Label object in the current window.

local blueprintCode
formobjectblueprint "Label",blueprintCode

If you try to access this object by specifying the database and form name, you will get the original object in the primary form itself, not the possibly modified object in the current clone window.

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