The globalmenubar statement creates a custom menu bar or context menu for all windows (intended only for internal use by ProVUE Development).


This statement has three parameters:

standardmenus – specifies which standard menus should be included at the beginning and end of the menu bar. By default, the menu bar will always contain the Panorama, Action, Wizards and Window menus. This parameter allows you to easily add the File, Edit and View menus, and allows you to remove the Action, Wizards or Window menus.

custommenus – formula for defining fully custom menus in the menu bar.

menuname – name of the menu bar. The allowed values are DATA_MENUBAR, DATA_CONTEXTMENU and COLUMN_CONTEXTMENU.


This statement specifies a custom menu bar or context menu for the all windows. Panorama itself uses this statement as it launches to set up the menu system. We don’t recommend that you use this statement – use the FileMenuBar or WindowMenuBar statements instead.

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but with new options for standard menus, for setting up menu bars for non-data windows (sorry, undocumented), for setting up context menus, and for removing menu definitions.