The popupfieldchoices statement displays a pop-up menu listing values in a specified field.


This statement has three parameters:

choice – field or variable where the final user choice will be placed (or "" if no choice).

field – Field that contains data to be listed as choices in menu.

initial – Initial choice to be selected in the pop-up menu (or “” if no choice).


This statement can be used to produce a pop-up menu in response to clicking on a button. Instead of specifying the items in the menu, the items are automatically gathered from the specified field. The items will be displayed in alphabetical order.

The menu will pop-up over the button that was pressed. It is intended that this statement be used in a procedure that is triggered by a button on a form (or any form object that triggers a procedure). The procedure must be triggered on mouse down, not mouse up.

Suppose your database contains a field named ShippingMethod. This example will automatically pop-up a menu listing all of the shipping methods listed in the database.

popupfieldchoices shipChoice,ShippingMethod,"USPS"

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