A Panorama database can contain multiple components — the data itself, forms, and procedures (programs). The View menu lists all of the components in the current database. It allows you to open any component in a window, and also allows you to create new form and and procedure components.

When you select a view from this menu, Panorama opens that component in a new window. Panorama remembers the location where this view was last opened, so if you close a view and re-open it, it will come back in the same spot.

Creating a New Form or Procedure View

A database can only have one data sheet, but it can have as many forms and procedures as you like. To create a new one, choose New Form or New Procedure.

The new view is created immediately with an automatically assigned name. You can change the name at any time using the inspector panel. This illustration shows creating a new procedure, but creating a new form works exactly the same way.

As shown above, the new view is always added to the end of the list. If you want to create a new procedure or form in a specific spot, or to rearrange the order, use the View Organizer.

Deleting and Rearranging Views

To delete or rearrange views, use the View Organizer wizard.

Searching the View Menu

The View menu works great up to a few dozen views, but what if you have hundreds of forms and/or procedures? In that case, the View menu becomes a bit unweildy. When you have that many views, the Open View wizard comes in very handy. This wizard allows you to use searching to find the view you need, it’s similar to Apple’s Spotlight search but for Panorama views. (If you are an Xcode user, you’ll find it similar to Quick Open, and it even uses the same keyboard shortcut.)

See Open View to learn how to use this wizard.

Comprehensive Searching

The Open View wizard is great for quickly finding and opening a form or procedure, but if you need to do comprehensive searching for multiple matches, the View Search wizard is usually more helpful. Unlike the Open View wizard which closes when you double click on a view, the View Search wizard stays open until you explicitly close it.

You can also open multiple View Search windows with different searches. See View Search to learn all the details of comprehensive searching with this wizard.

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but now includes the Open View and View Organizer items.