Choose View>View Organizer to open, rearrange, copy or delete views. When you first open it, it shows a list of the views in the database. You can switch back and forth between listing forms and procedures.

Double click to open any view.

Rearranging View Order

To change the position of a view in the View menu, simply drag it. If this is a procedure this will also change its position in the Action Menu.

If there are dozens or hundreds of views it can be tedious to drag a view a long way, for example from bottom to top. To make this easier, Panorama allows you to open a second View Organizer window (simply choose View>View Organizer again) and drag between them to rearrange.

Deleting a View

To delete a view, drag it into the trash can.

The view is immediately removed from the database, but you can get it back (you might think you could get it back with Undo, but Undo does not work in the View Organizer wizard). To view deleted views, click on the trash can icon. This opens the Trash window. You can drag views from the Trash window back into the database.

Deleted views stay in the trash until you empty the trash or close Panorama.

Duplicating a View

To make a copy of a view within the same database, right click on the view and choose Duplicate from the pop-up menu.

Now you can open the duplicate view and rename it to whatever name you want.

Copying Views Between Databases

To copy a form or procedure from one database to another, open a View Organizer for each database (using View>View Organizer). Then you can simply drag views across to copy them.

Working with Library Databases

Library database are usually hidden, but you can check the Include Libraries option if you want to work with them.

When this option is checked the pop-up menu at the top of the window will list all available library databases, in addition to the normally visible databases.

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