This release includes support for customization of Action menu items, procedure metadata, and the ability to call a subroutine inside a procedure.

In previous versions of Panorama, Action menu items could be customized by adding special suffixes to procedure names. This feature has been removed, and it is now possible to customize menu items using the setprocedureoptions statement. (In the future, there will also be a user interface to set these options.) In addition to being able to set the command key equivalent, visibility and style, you can now set the menu font, size, color, menu key modifier keys, indentation and checkmarks.

When a database is converted from Panorama 6, any special suffixes in procedure names are removed and converted to the new system. This can result in call statements breaking. For example, this call statement:

call "New Invoice/1"

will have to be manually changed to:

call "New Invoice"

The setprocedureoptions statement can also be used to perform other operations on procedures, including renaming, deleting, moving to a new position, and setting up a tag value.

The new callwithin statement allows you to put multiple subroutines into a procedure, and call each one individually. This should make it possible in some cases to dramatically reduce the number of procedures needed for a database, since many subroutines can be combined into one procedure. There is also a new farcall statement and callwithin( function.

Because of the new menu color options, all color related functions and statements are implemented. Note that colors are still binary values, but are no longer 6 bytes (the length is not constant, but is over 100 bytes!). Colors now include opacity (alpha channel), though it remains to be seen if this will be supported in Panorama form objects. See Colors for more information about using colors in Panorama.

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