This version has several major new features. In this release there are two View menus. The second is added automatically by Apple and contains menu items for controlling the toolbar. These work, check them out. The first View menu is similar to eh View menu in Panorama 6. It allows you to open the data sheet, open procedure windows, and to create new procedures. Unlike the Panorama 6 View menu, this View menu always opens the requested view in a new window. (Note: The View menu will probably not be included in the final version. I’m hoping to replace it with a floating window.)

The procedure window allows you to edit procedures, set breakpoints, and single step. Try pressing Command-F when editing a procedure – I think you’ll find that pretty cool. There is a pop-up menu in the procedure editor toolbar that allows you to flip between procedures within a single window. This pop-up menu probably won’t be in the final release, but there will be another way to do this.

When the data sheet is open, one or more Action menus will appear. These work exactly as they did in Panorama 6.

The pause and resume statements work – you won’t have any use for them at this time but they share quite a bit of logic with breakpoints and single stepping, so I implemented them now.

A note about procedure source code. In OS X, source code lines are separated by linefeeds. Under Panorama 6 and earlier, source code lines were separated by carriage returns. Panorama X automatically converts the carriage returns to linefeeds when importing a Panorama 6 database. However, when a string literal is processed, any line breaks in the literal are converted to carriage returns for compatibility with Panorama 6 legacy code.

Brand new features implemented in this release (features that were not included in Panorama 6):

Features implemented in this release that work differently than they did in Panorama 6.

Features implemented in this release that work exactly the same as they did in Panorama 6.

ALL features that were added or changed in this release:

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