The city( function looks up the name of a city associated with a US zip code.


This function has one parameter:

zipcode – is a US 5 digit zip code. You can specify the zip code either as a number or as text.


The function returns the name of the city associated with a US zip code. If there is more than one possible name, the function returns the primary zip code name as defined by the US Post Office. If there is no zip code with the specified number, the function will return "-".

city(92648) ☞ Huntington Beach
city("20401") ☞ Washington
city(99999) ☞ -

One primary use for the city( function is to enter the city automatically when the zip code is entered, saving keystrokes and reducing the probability of data entry errors. This example assumes that the database has a ZipCode field that contains text. The example uses a text funnel to strip off any extra characters in the zip code (for example 9 digit zip codes).


Another use for the city( function is to double-check data entry. This example locates all records where the zip code does not match the city name.

select City <> city(ZipCode[1,5])

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