The openmapwindow statement opens a window displaying a map of a location.


This statement has seven parameters:

street – street address of location. Do not include suite or apartment number.

city – city to be displayed.

state – state (two letter abbreviation).

zipcode – zip code (optional, may be “” or entirely omitted).

country – country of location, however this parameter is currently ignored, only works for United States. You can omit this parameter.

mapheight – height of output map in points (if missing the default is 600).

mapwidth – width of output map in points (if missing the default is 1000).


This statement opens a window displaying a map of a location. The map is zoomable and resizeable. You can open multiple map windows simultaneously, these windows are independent of your database. If a window with this location is already open this command will simply switch to the already open window.

For example, suppose you have a mailing list database that contains US addresses (it may also work in other countries, but this is not guaranteed). You can open a map window with one line of code, like this:

openmapwindow Address,City,State,Zip

When you run this code, a new map window will open.

This map window is separate from the database itself. The map window will not update to a new location if you move to a different record in the database, or edit the address. To see a different address, run the program again to open a second map window.

If you want to display a map in a database window, a map that will stay synchronized with the data, create a form with a Web Browser Object that uses the mapurl( function. But if you just want a quick way to open a map with a single line of code, the openmapwindow statement is very convenient.

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but default size is now larger.