The makenewprocedure statement creates a new procedure in the current database.


This statement has two parameters:

procedure – is is the name of the new procedure. There must not already be a procedure with this name.

before – is used to specify the location of the new procedure. If before is "" or missing entirely, the new procedure is added at the end of all current procedures. If before contains a valid name of an existing procedure, the new procedure will be inserted in front of the specified procedure.


This statement will add a new, empty procedure to the current database. The procedure source code can then be filled in manually, or automatically with the setproceduretext statement.

This example creates a new procedure named Grand Total. The new procedure is added a the end of the list of Panorama procedures.

makenewprocedure "Grand Total"

This example creates a new procedure named Calculate Shipping. The new procedure is inserted in front of the Grand Total procedure.

makenewprocedure "Calculate Shipping","Grand Total"

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but there is no longer a 25 character limit for procedure names.