The printonemultiple statement prints a form over and over again without advancing from record to record. Instead of advancing from record to record, a variable is incremented each time the form is printed. This statement is designed for printing calendars or thumbnails.


This statement has five parameters:

variable – is the name of the variable you wish to increment each time the form is printed. If the variable does not already exist, it will be created as a fileglobal variable.

start – is the beginning sequence number or date value.

end – is the ending sequence number or date value.

bump – is the increment value for your sequence. bump may be a number, a numeric variable, or a formula which results in a positive numeric integer. The bump value must be a positive integer for a numeric field. For a date field bump may also be one of the following: "M" for month, or "Y" for year. This parameter is optional, if omitted, the default is 1.

copies – the number of times the form is printed for each sequence number. This parameter is optional, if ommitted, the default is 1 copy.


This statement will print a form a predetermined number of times. Each printing of the form may be sequenced with incrementing integer or date values in a specified variable. Note: the printonemultiple statement does not actually print, but must be followed by a printonerecord statement.

This example prints the next 3 months of a monthly calendar. The example assumes that the form Monthly Calendar will display the month specified by the variable CalendarDate.

global CalendarDate
openform "Monthly Calendar"
printonemultiple CalendarDate,today(),today()+90,"m",1
printonerecord dialog

This example prints all the picture files in the current folder. The example assumes that the form Picture Matrix will display 20 pictures per page, probably using a Matrix object. The picture in the top left corner of each is controlled by the global variable PicNumber.

global PicNumber,PicMax
PicMax=arraysize( listfiles("","PICT"),cr())
openform "Picture Matrix"
printonemultiple PicNumber,1,PicMax,20,1
printonerecord dialog

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but the BUMP and COPIES parameters are now optional.