The automaticprocedurename( function returns an available procedure name.


This function has one parameter:

prefix – the prefix for the new procedure name. Note: This parameter is optional, if omitted, there won’t be any prefix.


This function is intended for automatically generating new procedure names. The procedure names will consist of a prefix followed by sequential letters – A, B, C, etc. The function will automatically generate the first available procedure name in that sequence (in other words, the returned name is guaranteed to not already be used as a procedure name in this database). Use this function when you want to create a new procedure and don’t care what the new procedure name is.

If no prefix is supplied, the procedure names will consist only of a letter sequence. (If the sequence goes past 26 fields, it will switch to two letters – AA, AB, AC, etc.)

makenewprocedure automaticprocedurename() ☞ A, B, C, etc.

You can also add a prefix.

makenewprocedure automaticprocedurename("Item") ☞ ItemA, ItemB, ItemC, etc.

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