The serverupdate statement temporarily disables record locking and server updates when using a shared database.


This statement has one parameter:

enabled – controls whether record locking are enabled (true(), "ON", "YES") or disabled (false(), "OFF", "NO").


When using a shared database, Panorama normally updates the server with full record locking every time any change is made to the database. If this is unnecessary, you can make your procedure run much faster by temporarily disabling record locking and server updates with the serverupdate statement. Important: You should only disable server updates if you don’t plan to keep the changes you have made. For example, perhaps you need to use the formulafill statement to prepare data for printing, but will no longer need the calculated data after the report is printed.

The example below turns off server updates, then uses the formulafill statement to calculate P/E ratios. Since server updates are turned off, the formulafill will be very fast. In this case we don’t need to keep the calculated P/E ratios after we are finished printing, so it is acceptable to turn off the server update.

serverupdate "off"
field Ratio
formulafill Price/Earnings
print dialog
serverupdate "on"

You can check whether or not server updates are currently enabled by using the info(“serverupdate”) function.

Note: Panorama will automatically turn server updates back on if you:

If you need to perform local operations in multiple windows or databases, you’ll need to use serverupdate "off" each time you switch to a different window or to a different database.

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