The savepartialdatabase statement saves specified components of the current database, leaving other components out.


This statement has two parameters:

components – comma separated list of components to include. The available options are: data, settings, fieldconfig, forms, procedures, variables and printinfo. You can also use all to export all components, this is the same as using the saveacopyas statement.

destination – path and name of the package, or "" for same name, current folder with extension .panpartialdb.


This statement saves specified components of the current database, leaving other components out. This statement is designed to be used with the partialdatabaseupdate statement to update components of a database without disturbing the data, it is also used by Panorama X Server for new database generations.

Suppose you had earlier made a copy of a database on a second computer, then modified the procedures on the first procedure. Now you want to transfer these procedures to the second computer without disturbing the data on the second computer. On the first computer, start by saving just the procedures from the current database into a package like this:

savepartialdatabase "procedures","~/Document/Update.panpartialdb"

Next, transfer this Update.panpartialdb file to the second computer, open the copy of the database you want to update, and run the code below (this assumes the update file has been copied into the Documents folder on the second computer):

partialdatabaseupdate "~/Document/Update.panpartialdb"

If you wanted to update both procedures and forms, use this code to save the update file on the first computer:

savepartialdatabase "forms,procedures","~/Document/Update.panpartialdb"

If the update file was created with the data option, the field structure and data will be updated. This means that any data in the updated database will be wiped out when the partialdatabaseupdate statement is run. The partialdatabaseupdate statement cannot change the database field arrangement (or field data types) without also wiping out the data in the updated file. If you want to preserve the data, you will have to export it first, then figure out how to import it again with the data in the correct fields after the structure has been updated. This has to be done manually by your code.

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