The info(“defaultdatepattern”) function returns the default date pattern used for displaying dates.


Panorama keeps track of the date format used in the local country, and adjusts the default display of date values accordingly. The info(“defaultdatepattern”) function allows you to find out the current default date pattern for your location. If you are in the United States, this function will normally return:

info("defaultdatepattern") ☞ MM/DD/YY

However, if you are in most other countries, this function will return:

info("defaultdatepattern") ☞ DD/MM/YY

You can use this default pattern to contstruct your own custom date patterns. For example, this fomula will display today’s date with a 4 digit year, localized for the current location. In the US, the result is:

datepattern(today(),replace(info("defaultdatepattern"),"YY","YYYY")) ☞ 06/04/2011

but in most European countries the result is:

datepattern(today(),replace(info("defaultdatepattern"),"YY","YYYY")) ☞ 04/06/2011

Note: You can explicitly control the default date format using the Formats pane of the Language & Text system preferences. Of course you can also ignore the default date format and use any date pattern you want.

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10.0No ChangeCarried over from Panorama 6.0.