The hide statement temporarily disables the output of text and graphics.


No parameters.


This statement tells Panorama to suppress all output of text and graphics. Only output that is directly generated by Panorama will be suppressed. For example, the output generated by the Sort or formulafill commands will be suppressed. However, output that is generated by the operating system will not be suppressed. Primarily this means that when switching from one window to another the display will not be suppressed. Output will be disabled until the procedure is finished, or until a show statement is encountered.

Note: This statement is identical to the noshow statement. In Panorama 6.0 and earlier it worked slightly differently than noshow, but now it is exactly the same. It is retained for compatibility with legacy databases.

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, however, this statement is now a duplicate of the noshow statement.