The setbannermessage statement sets the text in the toolbar banner to an arbitrary message.


This statement has two parameters:

message – is the new message text. If empty, the message is reset to the default message (the database record count).

database – is the database where the progress is to be displayed. This parameter is optional, if omitted or empty, the current database is used.


The setbannermessage statement changes the message in the toolbar banner.

setbannermessage "Updating Database"

To clear the banner and return to the normal record count display, use an empty message.

setbannermessage ""

Note: The message will appear in all data windows associated with the current database, not just the current window. You can also specify that the message be displayed in the toolbar banner of a different database, like this:

setbannermessage "Updating Database","Checkbook"

To find out what the current banner message is, use the dbinfo( function with the bannermessage option.

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