Line items are used for repeating items within a record. Line item fields always end with a numeric suffix, for example Qty1, Qty2, Qty3, etc. Line item fields can be used in formulas just like other fields, for example:

When the current cell is a line item field the Ω symbol (press Option-Z) can be used as an automatic numeric suffix. Panorama automatically adjusts the suffix depending on what cell is currently active. For example, consider this formula using the Ω symbol.


When this formula is calculated, Panorama will automatically substitute the correct line item number for each Ω symbol. For example, if you are editing, the Quantity5 or Price5 fields, the formula would be translated like this:

QuantityΩ*PriceΩ ☞ Quantity5*Price5

If you are editing line item 12, the formula would be translated like this:

QuantityΩ*PriceΩ ☞ Quantity12*Price12

If a formula containing the Ω character is used when the current cell is not a line item (does not have a numeric suffix), an error will occur.

To add up a series of line items you can use the sum( function.

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but no longer requires omega symbol at end of field name.