If you don’t want to see one or more fields, you can temporarily hide them in the data sheet. This is great for de-cluttering the data sheet and also eliminates the need to create a custom form for many simple reports. The commands for hiding and showing fields appear when you click on the Hide tool.

These command are also at the bottom of the Field menu. (In addition to the menu bar, the Field menu also appears when you right-click on a data sheet column title.)

To hide the current field, choose Hide Field (Note: There must always be at least one visible field.)

To make all hidden fields visible again, choose Show All Fields. (However, if the database has a large number of fields some columns may be truncated. See Limiting the Maximum Number of Data Sheet Columns to learn more.)

Hide/Show Fields

To hide and/or show a bunch of fields at once, open the Hide/Show Fields dialog. Check the fields you want to be visible, then press the Set Visible Fields button. All of the unchecked fields will be hidden.

Hide/Show Favorites

If you want to make the same fields visible over and over again, you can save the hide/show configuration as a favorite. Start by opening the Hide/Show Fields dialog and setting up the configuration. Then click on the star and choose Add to Favorites, give the search a name, and press Done.

Once you’ve set up one or more favorite configurations, you can see a list of them by clicking on Hide in the tool bar, and quickly switch to any configuration.

Your favorite hide/show configurations are saved separately for each database.

Deleting a Favorite Configuration

To delete a favorite configuration, start by opening the Hide/Show Fields dialog. Then click on the star and choose Edit Favorites. Click on the minus button to delete any favorite.

Renaming a Favorite Configuration

To rename a favorite search, start by opening the Hide/Show Fields dialog. Then click on the star and choose Edit Favorites. Click on the favorite you want to change, then type in the new name, then press the Return key.

Changing a Favorite Configuration

You can’t change the search criteria used by a favorite search. If you need to make a change, simply delete the favorite and then set it up again.

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