The setreportcolumns statement allows a procedure to control the number of columns of a report, and the direction (across or down).


This statement has one parameter:

columns – is the number of columns in the report. This should be a text value, for example “2”, not 2. Use “0” to print as many columns as will fit on the page (the automatic option). The report normally defaults to printing down, but you may follow the number with either down or across, for example “3 across” or “2 down”. You may abbreviate down with d and across with a, for example “3a” or “2d”.


This statement changes the report preferences for the current form. The statement can change the number and direction of printed columns. The example shows four different options for report columns.

setreportcolumns "2 Down"
setreportcolumns "3 Across"
setreportcolumns "0" /* defaults to down */
setreportcolumns "3a" /* a=across */

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