The extensiontype statement returns the type code of the specified file (if any).


This statement has two parameters:

extension – the extension you want to know about, for example .jpg, .txt, .gif, etc.

type – Field or character where the type code will be placed.


This function returns the type code of the specified file (if any). The type code is a special 4 character codes that identifies the type of the file.

local typeCode
extensiontype ".jpg",typeCode

When this procedure is run, the typeCode variable will contain JPEG.

Note: Type codes are leftovers from Mac OS 9 and earlier. They are not used by modern systems.

Common Type/Creator Codes

Here are some of the common type/creator codes that Panorama supports.

Type CodeCreatorExtensionsNotes
ZEPDKASX.pandbPanorama Database
KSETKASX.pansetPanorama File Set
TEXT.txt .html .css .csvText File
JPEG.jpg .jpeg .jpe .jfifJPEG Image File
PNGf.pngPNG Image File
TIFF.tiff .tifTIFF Image File
GIFf.gifGIF Image File
PICT.pict .pct .picPICT Image File (OS 9)
BMPf.gifBMP Image File (Windows)
PDF .pdfPDF Document (note space on end of type code)
8BPS.psdPhotoshop File
MOOV.mov .moov .qtQuickTime Move File
WAVE.wavAudio File
MPEG.mpg .mpeg .mp3 .mpe .mpa .mtvMPEG Media File
AIFF.aif .aiffAudio File

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10.0No ChangeCarried over from Panorama 6.0.