The revealmultipleinfinder statement reveals one or more files or folders in the Finder.


This statement has one parameter:

path – is a path to the file or folder to be revealed, including the file or folder name (see Files and Folders for more information about file paths). This parameter may be repeated to reveal multiple items.


This statement reveals one or more documents or applications in the Finder. A new Finder window opens displaying the specified item, with the specified items highlighted. If necessary, multiple Finder windows will be opened so that all of the specified items can be visible. This example will reveal the PDF documents concert-ticket.pdf and movie-ticket.pdf in the Finder.

revealmultipleinfinder "~/downloads/concert-ticket.pdf","~/downloads/movie-ticket.pdf"

In this example three different Finder windows will open, so that all three of these items will be visible even though they are in different folders:

    "~/documents/san diego/presentation.keynote",

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