The revealinfinder statement reveals a file or folder in the Finder.


This statement has one parameter:

path – is a path to the file or folder to be revealed, including the file or folder name (see Files and Folders for more information about file paths).


This statement reveals a document or application in the Finder. A new Finder window opens displaying the specified item, with the specified item highlighted. This example will reveal the PDF document concert-ticket.pdf in the Finder

revealinfinder "~/downloads/concert-ticket.pdf"

If you want to reveal multiple items, use the revealmultipleinfinder statement.

Legacy Two-parameter Syntax

Previous versions of Panorama (version 6 and before) used a two-parameter format for the revealinfinder statement:

revealinfinder folder,filename

For compatibility with existing databases, this format still works. Here is an example that reveals an image that is in a subfolder of the folder that contains the current database.

revealinfinder dbsubfolder("Images"),"someimage.png"

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0 but now uses a one parameter syntax. (The old two parameter syntax is still available.)